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(Crown and Bridges)


We offer the latest dental techniques and cutting edge technology in order to ensure our patients’ oral health and dental appearance is always at its very best. We offers a variety ways to restore damaged teeth or replace missing teeth which is right for you.



"I'm now smiling more."

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation of the work you performed for me. The case was a complete replacement of ALL my existing crowns, bridges and original teeth. A huge job by any standards. I originally looked at getting this done in Australia (as I’m an expat Australian) but I could not even get a dentist to quote on the job as they said they were too busy. The final result is I now have a mouth full of solid handsome teeth and I’m now smiling more and showing my teeth, whereas before I was a bit embarrassed to show my teeth as the crowns were showing the metal tops and my bottom teeth were simply worn down and discolored. It is amazing what a new set of handsome, natural looking teeth can do for your confidence and feeling of well-being.

- Vincent Barry, Australia

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