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Oral Surgery & Oral Disease

We provide a wide range of surgical procedures with expert and optimum clinical care. Procedures are carried out safely and effectively in our clinic with various latest treatment modalities and high-end sophisticated pieces of equipment. Procedures are done with maximum comfort and the least pain via minimally invasive techniques.


Service we offer

  • Surgical removal of impacted tooth

  • Surgical Exposure and relocation of teeth

  • Surgical Endodontic treatment

  • Lesion removal & Biopsy

  • Cosmetic Surgery

    • Periodontal surgical therapy

    • Pre-prosthetic surgery

    • Alveoloplasty

    • Removal of tori

    • Ridge augmentation

    • Vestibuloplasty

    • Removal of hyperplastic tissue

    • Frenectomy

  • Emergency Treatment (for injuries and painful infection)

  • Implant related surgery

  • Management of facial pain



"Highly skilful, knowledgeable and attentive ...."

"I had a lip surgery led by Dr Arasu assisted by Dr Sara for my condition called Hemangioma. He is a highly skilful, knowledgeable and attentive doctor. He explained my condition thoroughly and answered my questions patiently. He did his best to remove all the cysts inside my lip with a minimal incision so as not to scar my lip. He cared about my look more than I do haha. Stitches were fine and clean and I have no scar indeed. Impressed and happy.  All in all, I'd recommend Dr Arasu."

- Adeline Low , Malaysia

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