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Dental x-ray

People want to save and keep their original teeth than have them extracted and replaced with false teeth. When a tooth develops a root canal infection, the only reliable way to save the tooth is via Root Canal Treatment (RCT).


At our clinic, RCT is done with the modern and well equipped endodontic instrument and technique. 


Our practice integrates patient comfort and luxury with the highest possible standards in disease diagnosis, technical endodontics, cross infection control and practice management.

Here are the services we offer:

  • Deep caries management

  • Pulpotomy

  • Root Canal Treatment
    – Anterior Teeth
    – Premolar Teeth
    – Lower Molar
    – Upper Molar


Here are the various techniques and equipment we deploy:

  • Endo microscope with treatment procedure records

  • Modern rotary instruments

  • Electronic apex locater

  • Digital radiographs



"I will not hesistate to return to this clinic..."

"Dr Sara was very patient with me in answering all my questions and clearing my doubts. The treatment itself went smoothly and I'm very happy with my RCT result. I will not hesitate to return to this clinic for any future dental treatments."

- Vicky Lee, Perak, Malaysia

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